Slacktivists vs. Activists

This one is another gem from thethrashlab,What can online activism achieve? Awareness is one of the greatest assets of the new age and online activism is king of just that. But after the awareness has been risen, what comes next? In this episode of The Coalition the strengths and weaknesses of online activism are outlined.

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2 thoughts on “Slacktivists vs. Activists

  1. “Slactivism” in one sense is brilliant. In a digital age, I can find people online who will inspire me, or “plant the seed” of thought so to speak who I might not normally interact with in my neighborhood. Online activism is yes “lazy” if used for nothing more than a couple likes and comments. But if used properly, it can create an expanding blanket of political/social awareness to a greater populous in a small amount of time. “Slactivism” will be the new birth place for revolutions in the 21st century!

  2. You hit the matter right on the head with your comment, it’s about using social media as a tool for not only change in the world but before even that it’s about having the important discussions about our world. You no longer have to sit up and wait for the six o’clock news for worldly information everything is online where you can dig as deep as you’d like into an issue, with knowledge comes the responsibility of sharing/ teaching. Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion.

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